Wildcard Corp.


News: Managed Services and other IT support with Wildcard Corp.

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About Us

providing client-customized solutions since 2007

Team Driven

We treat every client like our only client.

Our work is a collaborative effort of everyday,

down-to-earth people. But more than that, we

contribute to the larger, world community of

open source software enthusiasts. Working

effectively together is a key to success, and

we hold this skill in high regard.

Custom Builders

Have an idea? We can make it happen.

Our team members build websites from

the ground up. The success of any project

rests in the finest details, and we don’t cut

corners. Design, programming, content,

hosting, support—we manage it all,

end to end.

Open Source Pioneers

We accomplish everything using open

source software. In an ever-changing world

of technology, we ask, “What is possible?”

When presented with a problem, we see

an opportunity to improve a product and

give it back to the community.