Wildcard Corp.


Email access configuration


Your username is 'username.here@castlemail.io' or  'username.here@customedomain.here'   in the full form.



Standard access (available to both Standard and Premium users):





Mail Clients:

Consult your Client of choice documentaiton like Thunderbird, Mail.app (macos native) or windows clients.


Example Configuration of Apple Mail to CastleMail.io:

imap.castlemail.io  Port 143 Uses STARTTLS


smtp.castlemail.io  Port 587 (or sometimes 25) uses STARTTLS


Authentication method: Normal Password




Premium Access (includes access to PGP Encrypted emails, storage etc..:

Full featured suite if your account is enabled:



Mail Clients:

If your device supports it use Exchange Active Sync (EAS) options otherwise use IMAP & SMTP.  The system does not support legacy (old) Exchange MAPI or EWS  connections.

This system also supports Outlook and auto configuration on some workstations.