How to Use Xeams User Interface


All users are able to check the spam filter, release emails to themselves, and whitelist/blacklist email addresses that they may need to communicate with or if they are receiving spam.

In order to do so, users can access the Xeams User Interface at Once at the login screen, users can login with their normal username and password, ensuring that they leave off the "" portion.

I.E. "" will login with "helpdesk."

Once logged in the user will see a screen that looks like:

The users will be able to see total good messages, total possible spam, and total spam messages. They will also be able to search all messages for anything they may be specifically looking for, in regards to your email address.

In order to restore email, users can do it by either searching for the email that was marked as spam or they can click on “Total Spam Messages.”

Once the messages are searched, a screen will appear with a list of the messages:

If you want to allow those messages to be restored and those email accounts or domains to be whitelisted, you can click “Mark as Good.”


If you just want the emails restored, but you don't want to whitelist the email address or domain, you will put a check on the box to the left and then hit the “Restore” button.


Users also have the ability to add email addresses or domains to their individual blacklist and whitelist. By clicking the button on that says Manage White/Black List:

It will bring you to the following screen:

Users have the ability blacklist or whitelist individual email address or entire domains. It is not recommended to whitelist entire domains that available to the public such as “,,” because many attackers will use these domains for malicious purposes.

* Users may also use xeams to import imap or pop3 mailboxes into the mailboxes that are associated with Xeams.

** Users can establish an out of office at the Xeams server which allows them to send an out of office reply to all incoming messages at the spam filter instead of at the mailbox.

***Users can change your password within the dashboard, but it will NOT reflect in Active Directory, so it will remain different than their normal login if they change passwords in Xeams.

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